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ICONTEC and Colombian standards evolve FICIDET



Have you heard of the ICONTEC standards, what they are and what they are? Surely in college the first time and hear you deliver demanded written work according to these rules.

The ICONTEC standards were issued by the Icontec (ICONTEC), they "present the guidelines with which it must have all written work, this in order to guide the teacher, student or researcher in the writing and presentation of a document with technical guarantee and high quality ".

In this sense, these rules contain a number of guidelines (margins, numeration, drafting, Bibliographical sources) to carry out any academic work and research, theses and reports. They are also used in the business world for administrative reports.

Although these rules are not updated from the 2008, corresponding to the sixth version, remain in force in academia. The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, with the help of ICONTEC, They are working to evolve a Colombian technical standard on the material used to make parts BRICKARP system, which builds homes from recycled material. In this way, This system protects the environment and does not generate any pollution, as the raw material used for manufacturing blocks obtained from recycling.

Currently, BRICKARP project continues the research and approval process. Some of the tests that have been conducted so far are tests of comprehension, in collaboration with the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, to further laboratory tests to better understand the characteristics and behavior of the project, with a view to applying for approval to the Commission system, Similarly, other tests that have been executed are fire, with the participation of Fire Vijes.


The ICONTEC standards play an important role in the academic and business world, since it standardizes the lineaments and criteria in the preparation of written documents from various perspectives or approaches, "In order to obtain consistent results and methodological structures required parameters" (Scribd).

General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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