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Is it necessary that you have to again comment on sustainability? We hope not, which as we have planned have followed our blog and at this point you're no longer asking what is sustainability, but on the contrary, How to get your company, micro business or enterprise help contribute to the environment in order to help counteract the damage we do to the planet.

Do you want your company to be sustainable? You must think long term, you must implement strategies that address the social aspects, economic and environmental, considering that the returns generated, They should be reflected not only in economic terms but in human, how we relate, in the proper use of land resources, in actions as simple as deciding to buy the master of the corner instead of a multinational, in other aspects.

Here we show options and tools on how to achieve, yes, They are just ideas we suggest you, It is not a magic formula that automatically turns your business into a sustainable business model, but you can start implementing; and if in a different way you know you encourage you to write it in our comments.

Begins by identifying and measuring the negative impacts generated by your business model, how they dispose of waste they produce and how to counter the damages, defines a key performance indicator which to measure the performance level of your process, From this plan and develops a strategy or measurable goal through new processes.

For this to work should contribute, starting with the leaders of the organization as this sends a message to the company about the importance of helping, commit; promotes inclusion, always operates with integrity, taking responsibility for the human aspects, labor and environmental, It contributes to the development of society and transform into a success story that can be viable for other companies. Finally it reports all changes that they had and make it visible, This will generate be motivated to stick with the model, because they will realize that their help is worth.

Companies that have begun to turn their models into sustainable tend to have a better picture, a positive image against the other. Think about it, a person or an investor for your business will not see with good eyes the fact that you are misusing natural resources, together these good action helps to educate and build commitment among your employees.

As a company commit, is more likely to last over time, because it is generating a shared with different stakeholders value, while it is improving the lives of people.

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As we move forward in our wanting to learn and learn more about what processes, products or brands contribute to sustainability, we can not put aside the sustainable development goals that the UN has designed, for through these power to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Today we introduce you to one of these objectives, which could be considered as one of the most important to get, It's the number 4: Quality education, which is based on "Achieve an inclusive and quality education for all, with the conviction that education is one of the most powerful engines and tested to ensure sustainable development " because this seeks to ensure that all boys and girls complete their primary and secondary education free 2030 and thus ensure progress for humanity, as well dispondrían base to ensure full future. The last report analyzing the global situation of children and young people delivered by UNICEF, He revealed that total 303 million children do not attend school worldwide; 1 decade 5 youth 15 a 17 living in conflict-affected areas have never entered a school, while 2 decade 5 They have never completed their primary school.

We establish that education is a tool that allows us to understand ourselves and others, It enables us to develop behaviors and practices that enable all people meet their basic needs, understand the links that connects us to the natural environment and social, promotes respect, care for people, the diversity, the environment and the planet's resources in order to live a full life.

That sustainable development is an arduous process, in which not only seeks to reach him by applying techniques and programs, but this model will advance to the extent we do, our values ​​and the way how we contribute to these programs that promotes sustainability and equity needs.

In Colombia the outlook is not very encouraging, because each 100 Colombian, he 56 not complete secondary education; This was revealed by the latest report presented by the civil society organization "NiñezYa" of this percentage 62% of young people who finished high school failed to access higher education and 40% are children who can not attend classes, because they are in areas affected by armed conflict. This is why, which guarantee the right to education helps reduce the gap of inequality and poverty in countries, It is essential for human development, social and economic, and a not too distant primordial Let's wait to get into a future element- lasting peace and sustainable development.

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There are many ways to have successful business models, but something is making some more attractive and powerful, not only for being innovative or have aggressive marketing campaigns, the truth behind the success of these companies is how they are working hand in hand with sustainability, contributing to society and helping the planet through a concept called green market life cycle approaches.

These companies offer goods and services for social purposes and ecological, always promoting the welfare of the community, partners and consumers. This is achieved by the changing patterns of thought and stems from a change in consciousness and behavior in all persons involved with companies.

When a business model promotes competitiveness broad sustainability, It focuses on specialized niches and attracts investment funds and financial. In a nutshell it becomes more attractive due to the implementation of responsible practices respecting natural resources.

If your company or the company where you work is a sustainable model and you are part of a sustainable community and if you are not yet a party we invite you to adopt these practices to make our society and world a better place.

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Before starting with today's topic, we must remember how important our planet and the impact on the following three words reduce, reuse and recycle.

Now to get down, we know that recycling is a commitment to our planet, It is also a process by which we can help reduce pollution and accumulation of garbage, But do we really know is? And what does all its symbolism?.

What is recycling?

Textually recycling is to turn waste into new products and reduce consumption of new raw materials affecting the ecosystem. While this is true we must go beyond, recycling is: Opportunity to change our habits, It is the responsibility of your environment and ecosystem, is life because caring nature, It is time that lengthens the life of the planet and future because it gives opportunity to new generations.

Recycling Symbols

The origin of these symbols comes from recycling 1970, when the first one was created with a triangle (based on the symbol Möbius). This international symbol contains 3 arrow, they mean 3 steps of the recycling process: collection, very process of recycling and buying these products and recycled.
The call Möbius Loop, It has two versions. Which it includes the percentage symbol, It refers to the percentage of recycled material containing the residue. If the figure is the Mobious is within a circle, It means that part of the product or packaging materials were recycled.

Another of the most international symbols, is the Green point, created in 1991 in Germany and was also adopted by other EU countries. In 1994, Member States decided to make it the mark for the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Tidyman It is the symbol that motivates the user to be responsible, and to deposit the waste in the right place for it.

Waste paper can come with its own symbol, but also with the triangle Möbius Loop. Recycle waste paper is essential if we want to protect the environment and prevent deforestation, by recycling and buying recycled paper products, contribute to this.

With this symbol, it is explained to the consumer is important to deposit the glass container in the container indicated so that it can be recycled. The glass has an unlimited recycled, and if it is not recycled can remain 4000 years without disappearing, although its components are natural materials which is less polluting than the waste plastics.

The symbols found in plastic containers, They are numbered 1 al 7. He 1, is the most common and easily recyclable, but be careful when found in water bottles, as it emits toxic if it is filled several times, something little known by the consumer. further, recycling is limited.

The numbers 1, 3 (the famous PVC), 6 Y 7 They can be also toxic. He 7, the rest is plastics uncatalogued, as DVD's, Sunglasses, PC´s, etc. It is worth knowing that, for example, he 3 and the 7 They are forbidden to make baby bottles and other baby products.
He 2, 4 Y 5 They are the safest plastics.

electronic waste

For recycling electronic waste such as batteries, batteries ... and separate collection of batteries, You have to follow the sign indicating that they are recyclable and place them in clean points or collection areas indicate.


Their containers are red and here products are deposited as aerosol sprays, insecticides, used accepted ... those considered waste of certain dangerous.


Acts in the present thinking ahead.

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When we talk about sustainability it is believed to help the planet we must change our habits and lifestyles, this is something that has long held us to take effective action in helping the environment, It is why the definition of sustainability should not be linked to changes in life, but rather to changes in how to do things everyday.

The current concept of sustainability first appeared in the Brundtland report in 1987 also called our common future, This paper prepared for United Nations warned for the first time about the negative environmental consequences of economic development and globalization trying to offer solutions to the problems arising from industrialization and population growth, decades later is to ensure sustainability present needs, without compromising future generations, how? without giving up any of the three essential pillars: Environmental protection, social development and economic growth.

Sustainability is to assume that nature and the environment are not an inexhaustible resource protection and rational use being necessary, Sustainability is seeking to promote social development cohesion between communities and cultures to achieve satisfactory levels of quality of life, health and education. Third is to promote sustainable economic growth that generates wealth equitably to all without harming the environment.

Currently many of the challenges that human beings face such as climate change or water scarcity can only be solved from a global perspective and promoting sustainable development, Now that you know what is sustainability remember act in the present thinking of the future.


Hermes Bolaños Jesus Cruz

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