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Cali's fair, It is an event that is enjoyed the last week of the year, which summons the whole population vallecaucana enjoy music, the dance, The comparsas, sports cars and speed. In every corner of the city could see reflected their identity, their culture and idiosyncrasy, which he contributed to its development and its economy. This event is one of the most anticipated and important taking place in the city since year after year, dazzles us with its spectacular dances, gastronomy, artistic and cultural presentations.

If you, You were one of those who enjoyed hanging out with family or friends to this great celebration because you felt identified as good caleño, we congratulate, there is nothing better to contribute to the economy of the city, through these mechanisms entertainment where everyone could participate. that if, we hope that you were also those who expressed love to his city, They are who threw trash in places and we reciprocated Botan not anywhere waiting for someone else to pick it up, because the Cali Fair dazzles with its magic, sauce and joy, but when the lights go out You know how we deliver the city?

Cali, It is the third largest city in Colombia and the second city that generates more garbage; according to the Superintendency of Public Utilities, at 2017 waste produced by caleños, reached the 648.193 tons, representing 6,5% of the total produced annually in the country, which rubs 9,9 millions of tons.

The issue of waste is more complex in the capital cities, because this factor is directly related to the size of the population, that every day grows more and more, and now we are facing the great migration of people from the neighboring country. If this is the report last year, because they have not updated the figures, What we will show the updated report? Do you think that as citizens we have improved in this topic?.

For showed a small picture of how're on the subject of waste, Let us tell you that only on the first day of the Feria de Cali, which begins with its unique Salsódromo, a show marked the rate of approximately 1.200 dancers, floats and singers, They were collected 75 tons of trash; I seem reasonable that this amount of garbage people leave, that just took to the streets to enjoy this time to show their love and appreciation for Cali.

Waste production of a person in the events may be on average 0,083 kg, equivalent of a small trash bag. So we recommend for an upcoming Fair, festive, concert, event or when you go out to the street, take to save your garbage and deposites in the appropriate places, If you see paper in the street, pick them up, If you see someone littering, Do not follow in his footsteps, We take care of our city, let's take care of our home; If we do not care Who will do it for us?. Remember that we are not invited, we are the hosts.

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As we move forward in our wanting to learn and learn more about what processes, products or brands contribute to sustainability, we can not put aside the sustainable development goals that the UN has designed, for through these power to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Today we introduce you to one of these objectives, which could be considered as one of the most important to get, It's the number 4: Quality education, which is based on "Achieve an inclusive and quality education for all, with the conviction that education is one of the most powerful engines and tested to ensure sustainable development " because this seeks to ensure that all boys and girls complete their primary and secondary education free 2030 and thus ensure progress for humanity, as well dispondrían base to ensure full future. The last report analyzing the global situation of children and young people delivered by UNICEF, He revealed that total 303 million children do not attend school worldwide; 1 decade 5 youth 15 a 17 living in conflict-affected areas have never entered a school, while 2 decade 5 They have never completed their primary school.

We establish that education is a tool that allows us to understand ourselves and others, It enables us to develop behaviors and practices that enable all people meet their basic needs, understand the links that connects us to the natural environment and social, promotes respect, care for people, the diversity, the environment and the planet's resources in order to live a full life.

That sustainable development is an arduous process, in which not only seeks to reach him by applying techniques and programs, but this model will advance to the extent we do, our values ​​and the way how we contribute to these programs that promotes sustainability and equity needs.

In Colombia the outlook is not very encouraging, because each 100 Colombian, he 56 not complete secondary education; This was revealed by the latest report presented by the civil society organization "NiñezYa" of this percentage 62% of young people who finished high school failed to access higher education and 40% are children who can not attend classes, because they are in areas affected by armed conflict. This is why, which guarantee the right to education helps reduce the gap of inequality and poverty in countries, It is essential for human development, social and economic, and a not too distant primordial Let's wait to get into a future element- lasting peace and sustainable development.

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Companies are betting on sotenibilidad

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"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want "
– Anna Lappé. (Smallplanet)

If from our previous blog you have asked about what products or companies will
point to the sustainability likewise start generating a change in your life and
help the environment (If you have not read, we recommend that you do so well
you can better understand this topic) We will present some of the companies
Nacional level, that like you, They became concerned about the amount of trash
It occurs in a day and looked for environmentally sustainable alternatives that contribute
the environment through products for everyday use.

Cyclus Manufactures Bogota is a company that for more than 14 It takes years
manufacturing bags, suitcases, Cases tablets and other accessories made from
recycled tires, exporter 95% of its products to countries like France, Switzerland,
Japan, China and the United States. If you wonder why they chose as their tires
main component, everything is based on its ease to clean and long resistance, well
It is a waterproof material, dirt and sun, rather, these products easily
They can pass from generation to generation.

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative for your babies, we tell you that the company My
Green Life llevan 6 years developing its products with organic cotton and dyed with
natural dyes such as beet and chlorophyll. Well, although it does not seem, the sector
textile turn out to be the second largest polluter in the world after oil and
than normal cotton used in processes one 25% pesticides and 10% of
insecticides. Bleaching processes for fabrics, products are used as the
chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and dioxine and the dyeing method is necessary to use
heavy metals such as chromium, copper and zinc, materials which are highly
contaminants and harmful to the environment and people.

ProPlanet is a company born with the need to help counter the
solid waste produced annually in Colombia, which to date exceeded
the 12 million tonnes, of which only one 17% is recycled. That is why this
company creates biodegradable food packaging and manufactures furniture transform
post industrial and post-consumer materials Tetrapak. These make up a 75% of
Cato and 25% mixing aluminum and polyethylene are manufactured and furniture, walls and tiles
heat-insulating, sound and fire resistant, boxes or trays for eggs,
fruits, pots for germination, hospital containers, Shoe or fillers
packaging accessories are some of the products that this company has Antioqueña
been developing.

But remember that you contribute also to sustainability, not only when buying
Companies with this designation, By buying local products, you are contributing to the
local economy, while it is favoring the family that produces, contributing to the welfare of
our environment and ecosystem. To make a responsible and sustainable consumption nothing
better to turn to local and regional products, then as national
last alternative to those from third world countries.

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Can we develop products with Recycled Plastic?


He plastic you can take advantage of many ways and that is where the recycling plays a decisive role. At 2015 carried out the awards "Best Recycled Product", competencia que realiza la organización “European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations” (EPRO), which gives recognition to the best products made with recycled plastic. Scandinavian Business Seating, plastic strap and recycled yogurt pots, were the winning products. The purpose of these awards is to generate awareness about the use of this material and its implications on the environment.

That is why large organizations should follow this example and make products with recycled material, in this way, They reaffirm their commitment to the planet and encourage consumers to sue friendly products environment. Some things made from recycled plastic are already on the market are: clothes, handbags, straps, glasses, chairs, lamps, tables and elements for playgrounds.


In Colombia of "11.6 million tons of solid waste generated per year, Only advantage from a 17 percent, according to official figures " (The Colombian). In this order of ideas, "during the 2015 in the country they recovered from 3.000 Y 3.500 tons of PET packaging (teleftato of polietileno), It is representing only 26% of the total" (The Republic). Ignorance of the benefits of recycling creates a threat to the environment and a loss in what could be a business opportunity.

According to a study by Enka de Colombia, Japan is the most recycled bottles country made with a Pet 78% and Colombia only reuses 22%, It is located below the world average of 41%. In our country, the cities where it is recycled are Bogotá, Medellin and Cali.


In Cali, the Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development highlights, FICIDET, who through their project BRICKARP, architectural building houses with recycled plastic. Other products made with this material are the poles, either to use gardening (small posts) or for extensive livestock such as cows and horses (large positions), also they use wood to create plastic pallets, which serve as packing houses to transport them from one place to another. FICIDET stands out for its excellent work to protect the environment and to innovate in the creation of products with materials 100% recycling.


General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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Benefits of Paper Recycling

Due to the constant climate changes that the planet has been facing, Governments have been forced to implement policies that help mitigate the negative impact on the environment. Although it is expected, humans put our bit to exaggerate this problem that hurts us every day more. It is our obligation, from our homes, We contribute to this cause by adopting green practices to help offset environmental damage, one of them: recycling.


Recycle paper, It is one of the most recycling activities it benefits the environment: reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, reduces energy consumption and water, prevents deforestation (prevents deforestation) and improves air quality. According to the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development, in Colombia it is generated annually "11.6 million tons of waste per year and of these only 17% takes advantage" (The viewer). Nevertheless, countries like the Netherlands recycle up 99% of the trash. That is why the Decree exists in Colombia 596 of the 11 April 2016, which seeks to modernize the recycling system in the country.

During the 2010, the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development states that the 658.238 tons of cardboard and paper recovered in Colombia, They were saved 44 million cubic meters of water and 3 billion kwh power consumption. Clearly paper recycling not only benefits the environment, but also it contributes to the country's economy. At 2014, the "Valle del Cauca exported US $ 163.2 million in the sector of pulp paper and cardboard, and in the first quarter of 2015, he 4,1% of total exports of this department correspond to sales in this sector " (The country).


One of the regional foundations that stands out for its work to protect the environment is FICIDET, Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development. His research project called , It is studying the possibility of creating ground-based brick recycled paper (cellulose) PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and other components to the internal divisions of the house. This product has the characteristics of a common brick, It is lighter and is 100% recyclable. In this way, the FICIDET foundation seeks to be a leader in developing innovative programs and projects that promote human and social welfare, thus contributing to improving the environment.


There is no doubt that recycling is one of the most effective methods to recover some of what is consumed. Instead, What's your contribution to this noble cause?, Do you recycle at home? Sort garbage into organic and inorganic waste is our duty as citizens, be kind to the planet and the environment costs nothing and does not pollute. Start now!

General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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