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"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want "
– Anna Lappé. (Smallplanet)

If from our previous blog you have asked about what products or companies will
point to the sustainability likewise start generating a change in your life and
help the environment (If you have not read, we recommend that you do so well
you can better understand this topic) We will present some of the companies
Nacional level, that like you, They became concerned about the amount of trash
It occurs in a day and looked for environmentally sustainable alternatives that contribute
the environment through products for everyday use.

Cyclus Manufactures Bogota is a company that for more than 14 It takes years
manufacturing bags, suitcases, Cases tablets and other accessories made from
recycled tires, exporter 95% of its products to countries like France, Switzerland,
Japan, China and the United States. If you wonder why they chose as their tires
main component, everything is based on its ease to clean and long resistance, well
It is a waterproof material, dirt and sun, rather, these products easily
They can pass from generation to generation.

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative for your babies, we tell you that the company My
Green Life llevan 6 years developing its products with organic cotton and dyed with
natural dyes such as beet and chlorophyll. Well, although it does not seem, the sector
textile turn out to be the second largest polluter in the world after oil and
than normal cotton used in processes one 25% pesticides and 10% of
insecticides. Bleaching processes for fabrics, products are used as the
chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and dioxine and the dyeing method is necessary to use
heavy metals such as chromium, copper and zinc, materials which are highly
contaminants and harmful to the environment and people.

ProPlanet is a company born with the need to help counter the
solid waste produced annually in Colombia, which to date exceeded
the 12 million tonnes, of which only one 17% is recycled. That is why this
company creates biodegradable food packaging and manufactures furniture transform
post industrial and post-consumer materials Tetrapak. These make up a 75% of
Cato and 25% mixing aluminum and polyethylene are manufactured and furniture, walls and tiles
heat-insulating, sound and fire resistant, boxes or trays for eggs,
fruits, pots for germination, hospital containers, Shoe or fillers
packaging accessories are some of the products that this company has Antioqueña
been developing.

But remember that you contribute also to sustainability, not only when buying
Companies with this designation, By buying local products, you are contributing to the
local economy, while it is favoring the family that produces, contributing to the welfare of
our environment and ecosystem. To make a responsible and sustainable consumption nothing
better to turn to local and regional products, then as national
last alternative to those from third world countries.

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How to protect the environment from home?

Currently we are all witnesses of the changes occurring on the planet. floods, drought, natural disasters and global warming became a constant threat that requires attention not only of governments but of society in general. Put our bit and take various actions to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment address vulnerability that has the planet and duty as responsible citizens is necessary if we want to preserve and care for our environment. That is why we present a number of useful recommendations you can implement in your home.

Use energy-efficient appliances

This not only helps protect the environment but the pockets of citizens. If we have efficient appliances get to use between 2 Y 10 times less energy and get the same result. Similarly, turn off the lights, disconnect electrical appliances while they are not using and replace bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, are key activities to reduce excessive consumption and save energy.

Use solar panels

Also called solar panels, comply with the functionality to convert energy that provides the sun into electricity. Renewable energy and clean energy make use of energy that provides the sun and these sources vary according to their benefits, costs and the development stage of technology. The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, currently through its program BRICKARP, implement solar panels on sustainable architectural projects to optimize natural resources that mitigate the environmental impact of buildings and buildings in the city.

Drying clothes outdoors

Make this activity helps keep more clothes and helps to protect the environment. Do not use dryers is essential to save energy, and you save between 3 Y 4 kilowatt / hour per charge or 2.5 kg. Carbon dioxide. You also avoid the clothes desgate from heat faster they undergo in the dryers and dry clothes outdoors it makes UV disinfect your clothes, in this way, have cleaner and stain-free clothes.


More vegetable Aliméntate

Increase the use of vegetables in our diet it is key to reducing meat consumption. Having a meat-based diet generates deforestation and processing, storage and transportation requires a lot of energy. It is estimated that the 18% emissions of greenhouse gases are associated with meat consumption, which makes it an unsustainable activity.

Saving water

Close the faucet while you are brushing and soaping, control water leaks in your home and use the dishwasher and washing machines when fully filled, helps greatly to protect our planet. Saving water in various ways is an excellent strategy to reduce our ecological footprint, since these small habits can help reduce water consumption in a 60% or more.


Replaces traditional products biodegradable and non-toxic

Clearly, we all like to be in a clean and free of bacteria, but many of the products we use to have a healthy environment contain harmful chemicals to human health and pollute heavily water supplies, fishing and wildlife. Use biodegradable and non-toxic products produce the same cleaning effect and help to preserve the environment.

These were some small habits that you can implement in your home to conserve our habitat and, thus, We improve our domestic economy by saving energy. Implement green activities in our daily lives and educate the kids to protect our planet, are some of the challenges facing society today if we want planet for a while.


General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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