There are many ways to have successful business models, but something is making some more attractive and powerful, not only for being innovative or have aggressive marketing campaigns, the truth behind the success of these companies is how they are working hand in hand with sustainability, contributing to society and helping the planet through a concept called green market life cycle approaches.

These companies offer goods and services for social purposes and ecological, always promoting the welfare of the community, partners and consumers. This is achieved by the changing patterns of thought and stems from a change in consciousness and behavior in all persons involved with companies.

When a business model promotes competitiveness broad sustainability, It focuses on specialized niches and attracts investment funds and financial. In a nutshell it becomes more attractive due to the implementation of responsible practices respecting natural resources.

If your company or the company where you work is a sustainable model and you are part of a sustainable community and if you are not yet a party we invite you to adopt these practices to make our society and world a better place.

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