Can you make money with sustainable sustainable practices?

To answer this we must understand that sustainability is a set of objectives called by the United Nations: (ODS, Sustainable Development Goals), This table defines actions that determine group an overview of world we want.

"The ODS are inclusive agenda. Address the root causes of poverty and unite us to achieve a positive change for the benefit of people and the planet ".

Having stated the following, in Colombia and Latin America we see several successful examples of companies with implementations and sustainable actions, which they have become replicable models and awarded internationally and obviously leaving significant profits to its creators.

Here are some of those examples:


Implement a business model human management, social responsibility to its employees and friendly actions to the environment from the inclusion of farmers, farmers, recovery of natural areas and reforestation. Creativity and desire to innovate have been key to keeping what today is Crepes & Waffles, without losing its original identity.

Currently Crepes & Waffles es una empresa que se ha destacado por su posicionamiento y competitividad tanto en Colombia como en el exterior, while has been commissioned to provide a personal and professional development to employees with programs and courses inspired by his philosophy of making art.


It is a company that transforms the recycled plastic and agro-industrial wastes in sustainable profiles to produce architectural finishes and furnishings, also they can be used in different applications, ideal for outdoor.


What is Green Glass?
Green Glass is to demonstrate that the glass is not garbage, It is to recognize the work of grassroots recyclers, It is to make people stop buying recycle and harmful things to the world. It's making the world every glass bottle is!

What was the problem that visualized, that impelled to create this project?
Are produced 5 million glass bottles a day. And hopefully it recycles 10%. The industry pays very little for the price of a kilo of glass, so nobody Board, or recyclers base.

How is your business model?
Stock up glass bottles that were saved from the garbage recyclers base. To transform them into the best glasses in the world, we bring to our workshop where we work under the principles of company B and Fair Trade, then sell Worldwide! We have exported to 10 countries, and we are present in local, hotels and restaurants more “cool” Santiago de Chile.

These three companies are a clear example of sustainable development practices can help improve the planet, managing to be recognized worldwide and being very profitable financially.

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  1. Ellery pion says:

    Buenas noches
    Estoy interesado en hacer llegar este producto a la Republica Dominicana.quisiera saber que pasos tendria que seguir para obtener la composicion y esquema de los bloques plastico?quisiera fabricarlos en la Republica Dominicana.gracias

    1. ficidet says:

      Hola Ellery, nos contactaremos contigo a través del correo electrónico.

      Muchas gracias por ser parte de esta comunidad sostenible.

    2. ficidet says:

      Hola Ellery, muchas gracias por tu interés, nos estaremos comunicando contigo al correo electrónico.

  2. pablo says:

    estoy fuertemente interesado en trabajar con estas practica sostenible en argentina, hacer llegar este producto o producirlo en mi país. ya que todos lo residuos botados no tienen un tratamiento adecuado. saludos

  3. pablo says:

    estoy interesado en producirlo en argentina, quisiera saber que pasos tendria que seguir para obtener la composicion y esquema de los bloques plastico? saludos

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