We are increasingly aware that caring for and protecting the environment is everyone's job. Global warming not only sees a problem that calls for urgent action by governments, but also it makes us realize that we must adopt in our household practices and behaviors that help us mitigate environmental damage.

That is why many consumers have begun to demand products that are friendly to the environment and have also decided to use the waste for reuse in order to preserve natural resources. In this order of ideas, Recycling is an excellent choice to transform those things that we think are useless, objects that can be useful at home.

Following this, social networks play a key role in this, since they have become an efficient tool for sharing ideas and tutorials that teach preserve the environment. For example, Pinterest and Instagram have become very good platforms to disseminate content related to recycling. Have you heard of the 3Rs? Reduce, reuse and recycle is a good strategy we can adopt in our workplaces and in our homes.

Reduce your ecological footprint: avoid buying and using products such as disposable cutlery, dishes and pitillos; Take your own bags when you go to supermarkets and replace them with biodegradable bags; and try not to print things that are not necessary, on the contrary, printed on both sides.

Reuses everything your imagination allows: as I was saying, Pinterest and Instagram will find wonderful ideas to design objects with recycled material. You would not believe the amount of things you can create using the plastic, paper, glass or to, for example, car tires no longer used. Try to give a new use for boxes, containers, or bottles and donate clothes, toys and books to people who really need them.


Recycles and separates organic and inorganic waste: This way you can organize and know what you can reuse. Separate paper, glass, plastic bottles, cans and. Organic waste can be used as a natural fertilizer for your silvers, for example, Eggshell gives calcium to plants and ground coffee as fertilizer.

Success Story: plastic houses and bricks recycled paper

The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, It is known for leading projects that help protect the environment and prevent pollution. BRICKARP, It is the project that seeks to build with recycled plastic architectural houses. These plastic houses are characterized by acoustic thermos, earthquake resistant and have more than 500 year warranty. BLOCKARP, It is the ongoing research project in order to further contribute to improving the environment. They are currently undergoing testing to create blocks of ground recycled paper (cellulose) PVA and other components to the internal divisions of the house. This product has the characteristics of a common brick, It is lighter and is 100% recyclable. FICIDET, a foundation that contributes to protect the planet without compromising natural resources.

General Manager: Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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