The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development - FICIDET, It is an institution that supports research and access to technology products in various areas. FICIDET creation emerges as an initiative to promote exploration processes, aimed at promoting knowledge management, research and development and use of innovative technological tools and continuous improvement, with the introduction of elements designed to generate positive impact on the community.

    The programs that the foundation are for educational purposes, social, scientific, cultural, of health, sports, recreation, tourism and others that comply with the conditions of being created, oriented and ready to serve for the benefit of the community.


    Develop programs and projects aimed at development in technology areas, systematic and communications, providing professional services to advise and support in refining plans, studies and research of national and international trends in the various technological areas.

    Contributing to the ongoing progress in the area of ​​technology and innovation project, that allow advance educational purposes, social, scientific, cultural, of health, sports, recreation, tourism and any other field or function contributing to scientific growth, to create a structure between knowledge management, research and technology, dynamic factors aimed to progress while complying with the main condition of always benefiting the community..


    The foundation is primarily concerned with scientific research and technological development, programs and projects to meet the needs of society in general, at the national and international levels..

    These research and technological development, will allow promoting the evolutionary process using as medium, technological tools to strengthen subjective capacities in knowledge management, complementing the human talent competences with innovative vision of technology and its applications, thus developing large-scale projects and positive social impact..


    Being a leader in the development of programs, innovative projects, with high appreciation for the creativity of its human talent; its contribution to the development of communities, that promote human and social welfare, by applying technological tools indicated, directing all its efforts to generate positive impact on the different sectors of society and harmony with the environment.