In colombia 17 decade 100 citizens are poor, so to the latest report by the DANE and even between 2010 Y 2017 near 5,4 million people managed to get out of multidimensional poverty, ie that already have basic needs such as: feeding, living place, health and education, there's still a long way to go.

That is why in order to help counter issues such as poverty, education, gender equality, health and environmental care, the United Nations Development Program designed the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) which as its name explains is a set of objectives to be taken into account to achieve a higher quality of life and well-being among communities and for current and future, creating opportunities for participation violated the social groups.

By supporting organizations, ventures, sustainable business enterprises, The ODS seeks to help as a starting point to combat poverty, because these business models spliced ​​seamlessly with the idea of ​​green living and social purposes, that is to say, It is a profitable business idea with reusable materials that are capable of reducing the environmental impact, ensuring a balance between economic growth and social welfare.

Likewise, the concept of sustainability helps in the emergence of new jobs while cares for and protects the environment, An example of this idea, MACARITO company is located in Tinjacá, Boyacá, which works with peasant families in the area dedicated to producing and selling sundried fruits using only Colombian fruits. Juliana Arias creator of the brand, It says its goal is to change the lives of working families with them, while they are producing natural Snacks.

Companies like Nutresa, Sura, Cementos Argos and have stood out for their sustainability strategies, which focus on implementing policies of ethics and responsibility, ensuring decent employment, rational use of natural resources and promote social welfare.

Doing part and support a sustainable business, help not only workers but the entire society benefits from the positive consequences given to their work or functions, that is to say, There is a fee to the community. Decrease the social and economic gap between individuals, creating an environment of peace and prosperity. In addition to increasing access to equal resources so the more people.

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