Is it necessary that you have to again comment on sustainability? We hope not, which as we have planned have followed our blog and at this point you're no longer asking what is sustainability, but on the contrary, How to get your company, micro business or enterprise help contribute to the environment in order to help counteract the damage we do to the planet.

Do you want your company to be sustainable? You must think long term, you must implement strategies that address the social aspects, economic and environmental, considering that the returns generated, They should be reflected not only in economic terms but in human, how we relate, in the proper use of land resources, in actions as simple as deciding to buy the master of the corner instead of a multinational, in other aspects.

Here we show options and tools on how to achieve, yes, They are just ideas we suggest you, It is not a magic formula that automatically turns your business into a sustainable business model, but you can start implementing; and if in a different way you know you encourage you to write it in our comments.

Begins by identifying and measuring the negative impacts generated by your business model, how they dispose of waste they produce and how to counter the damages, defines a key performance indicator which to measure the performance level of your process, From this plan and develops a strategy or measurable goal through new processes.

For this to work should contribute, starting with the leaders of the organization as this sends a message to the company about the importance of helping, commit; promotes inclusion, always operates with integrity, taking responsibility for the human aspects, labor and environmental, It contributes to the development of society and transform into a success story that can be viable for other companies. Finally it reports all changes that they had and make it visible, This will generate be motivated to stick with the model, because they will realize that their help is worth.

Companies that have begun to turn their models into sustainable tend to have a better picture, a positive image against the other. Think about it, a person or an investor for your business will not see with good eyes the fact that you are misusing natural resources, together these good action helps to educate and build commitment among your employees.

As a company commit, is more likely to last over time, because it is generating a shared with different stakeholders value, while it is improving the lives of people.

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