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Is it necessary that you have to again comment on sustainability? We hope not, which as we have planned have followed our blog and at this point you're no longer asking what is sustainability, but on the contrary, How to get your company, micro business or enterprise help contribute to the environment in order to help counteract the damage we do to the planet.

Do you want your company to be sustainable? You must think long term, you must implement strategies that address the social aspects, economic and environmental, considering that the returns generated, They should be reflected not only in economic terms but in human, how we relate, in the proper use of land resources, in actions as simple as deciding to buy the master of the corner instead of a multinational, in other aspects.

Here we show options and tools on how to achieve, yes, They are just ideas we suggest you, It is not a magic formula that automatically turns your business into a sustainable business model, but you can start implementing; and if in a different way you know you encourage you to write it in our comments.

Begins by identifying and measuring the negative impacts generated by your business model, how they dispose of waste they produce and how to counter the damages, defines a key performance indicator which to measure the performance level of your process, From this plan and develops a strategy or measurable goal through new processes.

For this to work should contribute, starting with the leaders of the organization as this sends a message to the company about the importance of helping, commit; promotes inclusion, always operates with integrity, taking responsibility for the human aspects, labor and environmental, It contributes to the development of society and transform into a success story that can be viable for other companies. Finally it reports all changes that they had and make it visible, This will generate be motivated to stick with the model, because they will realize that their help is worth.

Companies that have begun to turn their models into sustainable tend to have a better picture, a positive image against the other. Think about it, a person or an investor for your business will not see with good eyes the fact that you are misusing natural resources, together these good action helps to educate and build commitment among your employees.

As a company commit, is more likely to last over time, because it is generating a shared with different stakeholders value, while it is improving the lives of people.

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Before starting with today's topic, we must remember how important our planet and the impact on the following three words reduce, reuse and recycle.

Now to get down, we know that recycling is a commitment to our planet, It is also a process by which we can help reduce pollution and accumulation of garbage, But do we really know is? And what does all its symbolism?.

What is recycling?

Textually recycling is to turn waste into new products and reduce consumption of new raw materials affecting the ecosystem. While this is true we must go beyond, recycling is: Opportunity to change our habits, It is the responsibility of your environment and ecosystem, is life because caring nature, It is time that lengthens the life of the planet and future because it gives opportunity to new generations.

Recycling Symbols

The origin of these symbols comes from recycling 1970, when the first one was created with a triangle (based on the symbol Möbius). This international symbol contains 3 arrow, they mean 3 steps of the recycling process: collection, very process of recycling and buying these products and recycled.
The call Möbius Loop, It has two versions. Which it includes the percentage symbol, It refers to the percentage of recycled material containing the residue. If the figure is the Mobious is within a circle, It means that part of the product or packaging materials were recycled.

Another of the most international symbols, is the Green point, created in 1991 in Germany and was also adopted by other EU countries. In 1994, Member States decided to make it the mark for the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Tidyman It is the symbol that motivates the user to be responsible, and to deposit the waste in the right place for it.

Waste paper can come with its own symbol, but also with the triangle Möbius Loop. Recycle waste paper is essential if we want to protect the environment and prevent deforestation, by recycling and buying recycled paper products, contribute to this.

With this symbol, it is explained to the consumer is important to deposit the glass container in the container indicated so that it can be recycled. The glass has an unlimited recycled, and if it is not recycled can remain 4000 years without disappearing, although its components are natural materials which is less polluting than the waste plastics.

The symbols found in plastic containers, They are numbered 1 al 7. He 1, is the most common and easily recyclable, but be careful when found in water bottles, as it emits toxic if it is filled several times, something little known by the consumer. further, recycling is limited.

The numbers 1, 3 (the famous PVC), 6 Y 7 They can be also toxic. He 7, the rest is plastics uncatalogued, as DVD's, Sunglasses, PC´s, etc. It is worth knowing that, for example, he 3 and the 7 They are forbidden to make baby bottles and other baby products.
He 2, 4 Y 5 They are the safest plastics.

electronic waste

For recycling electronic waste such as batteries, batteries ... and separate collection of batteries, You have to follow the sign indicating that they are recyclable and place them in clean points or collection areas indicate.


Their containers are red and here products are deposited as aerosol sprays, insecticides, used accepted ... those considered waste of certain dangerous.


Acts in the present thinking ahead.

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When we talk about sustainability it is believed to help the planet we must change our habits and lifestyles, this is something that has long held us to take effective action in helping the environment, It is why the definition of sustainability should not be linked to changes in life, but rather to changes in how to do things everyday.

The current concept of sustainability first appeared in the Brundtland report in 1987 also called our common future, This paper prepared for United Nations warned for the first time about the negative environmental consequences of economic development and globalization trying to offer solutions to the problems arising from industrialization and population growth, decades later is to ensure sustainability present needs, without compromising future generations, how? without giving up any of the three essential pillars: Environmental protection, social development and economic growth.

Sustainability is to assume that nature and the environment are not an inexhaustible resource protection and rational use being necessary, Sustainability is seeking to promote social development cohesion between communities and cultures to achieve satisfactory levels of quality of life, health and education. Third is to promote sustainable economic growth that generates wealth equitably to all without harming the environment.

Currently many of the challenges that human beings face such as climate change or water scarcity can only be solved from a global perspective and promoting sustainable development, Now that you know what is sustainability remember act in the present thinking of the future.


Hermes Bolaños Jesus Cruz

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We often hear words and phrases like: global warming, ozone layer, atmosphere, greenhouse and thawing, But do we really know is, and what is it about?

So we want to make things change and you are part of this process, concerned about what we see daily with the environment and waste management, we invite you to be part of the Sustainable Community FICIDET; an initiative supported by the foundation FICIDET (Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development), many know for his work on recycled materials research focused on home construction and plastic and paper with their projects BRICKARP and BLOCKARP.



What we want to achieve with this, It is to reach many people with proposals and recommendations on ecology, sustainability, environment and recycling to develop habits that help the care of our planet for present and future.

Proposals and recommendations will be helpful for others to be part of this community and contribute to the environmental education of our planet.


Hermes Bolaños Jesus Cruz

General Manager

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We are increasingly aware that caring for and protecting the environment is everyone's job. Global warming not only sees a problem that calls for urgent action by governments, but also it makes us realize that we must adopt in our household practices and behaviors that help us mitigate environmental damage.

That is why many consumers have begun to demand products that are friendly to the environment and have also decided to use the waste for reuse in order to preserve natural resources. In this order of ideas, Recycling is an excellent choice to transform those things that we think are useless, objects that can be useful at home.

Following this, social networks play a key role in this, since they have become an efficient tool for sharing ideas and tutorials that teach preserve the environment. For example, Pinterest and Instagram have become very good platforms to disseminate content related to recycling. Have you heard of the 3Rs? Reduce, reuse and recycle is a good strategy we can adopt in our workplaces and in our homes.

Reduce your ecological footprint: avoid buying and using products such as disposable cutlery, dishes and pitillos; Take your own bags when you go to supermarkets and replace them with biodegradable bags; and try not to print things that are not necessary, on the contrary, printed on both sides.

Reuses everything your imagination allows: as I was saying, Pinterest and Instagram will find wonderful ideas to design objects with recycled material. You would not believe the amount of things you can create using the plastic, paper, glass or to, for example, car tires no longer used. Try to give a new use for boxes, containers, or bottles and donate clothes, toys and books to people who really need them.


Recycles and separates organic and inorganic waste: This way you can organize and know what you can reuse. Separate paper, glass, plastic bottles, cans and. Organic waste can be used as a natural fertilizer for your silvers, for example, Eggshell gives calcium to plants and ground coffee as fertilizer.

Success Story: plastic houses and bricks recycled paper

The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, It is known for leading projects that help protect the environment and prevent pollution. BRICKARP, It is the project that seeks to build with recycled plastic architectural houses. These plastic houses are characterized by acoustic thermos, earthquake resistant and have more than 500 year warranty. BLOCKARP, It is the ongoing research project in order to further contribute to improving the environment. They are currently undergoing testing to create blocks of ground recycled paper (cellulose) PVA and other components to the internal divisions of the house. This product has the characteristics of a common brick, It is lighter and is 100% recyclable. FICIDET, a foundation that contributes to protect the planet without compromising natural resources.

General Manager: Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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The plastic, considered an environmental problem

Much of our food and oxygen from the air we breathe comes mainly from the sea and the world's oceans, without forgetting that they play a vital role for commercial activities. Nevertheless, the seas and oceans in conjunction with marine biodiversity are constantly threatened as a result of human activities, between which contamination is of plastic.

It is believed that the 40% of the world's oceans are affected by this type of pollution and waste generated negatively impacts biodiversity, as millions of species ingest these wastes or become entangled in them, causing not only death, but also avoids reproduction. The United Nations estimates that "oceans contain about 200.000 species identified, but the actual figures may be on the order of millions ". For example, the leatherback turtle, a species of sea turtle, gobble plastic bags because mistaken for jellyfish, which puts them critically endangered.


"The oceans absorb about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide produced by human beings " (United Nations), which is why we protect and maintain the health of the oceans is everyone's responsibility, because in this way we preserve marine resources and reduce the impact of global warming. Eliminate the use of plastic, communicate messages about why we should protect marine life and perform cleanups on beaches, are some of the practices and activities we have to do to mitigate environmental degradation, otherwise "climate change will increase the cost of damage to the oceans in other 322.000 million annually by 2050 " (United Nations).

It is estimated that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and in the central areas of the seas, more plastic food. "A study of 2010 estimated that 5 Y 13 million metric tons of plastic end up in the sea every year " (Plastic kills). For example, plastic bags are delayed more than 150 years to biodegrade, since they are "composed of polyethylene, same as that obtained by the oil and is a nonrenewable resource " (ExpokNews).

It is evident that plastic pollution is a serious environmental problem, so businesses and consumers should reduce and curb the use of this material. According to a report by the United Nations Program for Environment (UNEP), "Plastic consumption generates annual environmental costs 75 billion dollars as a result of marine pollution and air from the incineration of this material " (Time). Improve management of recycling and control the use of plastic from our homes are some small practices we can adopt to mitigate this great problem.

Nevertheless, there are those who make use of plastics to improve the quality of life of poor people. The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, It makes use of this material to build plastic houses architectural type. These houses can be made with approximately 9 a 10 tons of plastic, 50% polyethylene and 50% Polypropylene. Recycled plastic blocks that are made by extrusion, contain thermoplastic polyolefins are high rigidity, crystallinity, high melting point and excellent chemical resistance. This project called BRICKARP, promote social welfare, It helps to protect the environment and no pollution.

General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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Can we develop products with Recycled Plastic?


He plastic you can take advantage of many ways and that is where the recycling plays a decisive role. At 2015 carried out the awards "Best Recycled Product", competencia que realiza la organización “European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations” (EPRO), which gives recognition to the best products made with recycled plastic. Scandinavian Business Seating, plastic strap and recycled yogurt pots, were the winning products. The purpose of these awards is to generate awareness about the use of this material and its implications on the environment.

That is why large organizations should follow this example and make products with recycled material, in this way, They reaffirm their commitment to the planet and encourage consumers to sue friendly products environment. Some things made from recycled plastic are already on the market are: clothes, handbags, straps, glasses, chairs, lamps, tables and elements for playgrounds.


In Colombia of "11.6 million tons of solid waste generated per year, Only advantage from a 17 percent, according to official figures " (The Colombian). In this order of ideas, "during the 2015 in the country they recovered from 3.000 Y 3.500 tons of PET packaging (teleftato of polietileno), It is representing only 26% of the total" (The Republic). Ignorance of the benefits of recycling creates a threat to the environment and a loss in what could be a business opportunity.

According to a study by Enka de Colombia, Japan is the most recycled bottles country made with a Pet 78% and Colombia only reuses 22%, It is located below the world average of 41%. In our country, the cities where it is recycled are Bogotá, Medellin and Cali.


In Cali, the Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development highlights, FICIDET, who through their project BRICKARP, architectural building houses with recycled plastic. Other products made with this material are the poles, either to use gardening (small posts) or for extensive livestock such as cows and horses (large positions), also they use wood to create plastic pallets, which serve as packing houses to transport them from one place to another. FICIDET stands out for its excellent work to protect the environment and to innovate in the creation of products with materials 100% recycling.


General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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ICONTEC and Colombian standards evolve FICIDET



Have you heard of the ICONTEC standards, what they are and what they are? Surely in college the first time and hear you deliver demanded written work according to these rules.

The ICONTEC standards were issued by the Icontec (ICONTEC), they "present the guidelines with which it must have all written work, this in order to guide the teacher, student or researcher in the writing and presentation of a document with technical guarantee and high quality ".

In this sense, these rules contain a number of guidelines (margins, numeration, drafting, Bibliographical sources) to carry out any academic work and research, theses and reports. They are also used in the business world for administrative reports.

Although these rules are not updated from the 2008, corresponding to the sixth version, remain in force in academia. The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, with the help of ICONTEC, They are working to evolve a Colombian technical standard on the material used to make parts BRICKARP system, which builds homes from recycled material. In this way, This system protects the environment and does not generate any pollution, as the raw material used for manufacturing blocks obtained from recycling.

Currently, BRICKARP project continues the research and approval process. Some of the tests that have been conducted so far are tests of comprehension, in collaboration with the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, to further laboratory tests to better understand the characteristics and behavior of the project, with a view to applying for approval to the Commission system, Similarly, other tests that have been executed are fire, with the participation of Fire Vijes.


The ICONTEC standards play an important role in the academic and business world, since it standardizes the lineaments and criteria in the preparation of written documents from various perspectives or approaches, "In order to obtain consistent results and methodological structures required parameters" (Scribd).

General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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Benefits of Paper Recycling

Due to the constant climate changes that the planet has been facing, Governments have been forced to implement policies that help mitigate the negative impact on the environment. Although it is expected, humans put our bit to exaggerate this problem that hurts us every day more. It is our obligation, from our homes, We contribute to this cause by adopting green practices to help offset environmental damage, one of them: recycling.


Recycle paper, It is one of the most recycling activities it benefits the environment: reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, reduces energy consumption and water, prevents deforestation (prevents deforestation) and improves air quality. According to the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development, in Colombia it is generated annually "11.6 million tons of waste per year and of these only 17% takes advantage" (The viewer). Nevertheless, countries like the Netherlands recycle up 99% of the trash. That is why the Decree exists in Colombia 596 of the 11 April 2016, which seeks to modernize the recycling system in the country.

During the 2010, the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development states that the 658.238 tons of cardboard and paper recovered in Colombia, They were saved 44 million cubic meters of water and 3 billion kwh power consumption. Clearly paper recycling not only benefits the environment, but also it contributes to the country's economy. At 2014, the "Valle del Cauca exported US $ 163.2 million in the sector of pulp paper and cardboard, and in the first quarter of 2015, he 4,1% of total exports of this department correspond to sales in this sector " (The country).


One of the regional foundations that stands out for its work to protect the environment is FICIDET, Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development. His research project called , It is studying the possibility of creating ground-based brick recycled paper (cellulose) PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and other components to the internal divisions of the house. This product has the characteristics of a common brick, It is lighter and is 100% recyclable. In this way, the FICIDET foundation seeks to be a leader in developing innovative programs and projects that promote human and social welfare, thus contributing to improving the environment.


There is no doubt that recycling is one of the most effective methods to recover some of what is consumed. Instead, What's your contribution to this noble cause?, Do you recycle at home? Sort garbage into organic and inorganic waste is our duty as citizens, be kind to the planet and the environment costs nothing and does not pollute. Start now!

General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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How to protect the environment from home?

Currently we are all witnesses of the changes occurring on the planet. floods, drought, natural disasters and global warming became a constant threat that requires attention not only of governments but of society in general. Put our bit and take various actions to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment address vulnerability that has the planet and duty as responsible citizens is necessary if we want to preserve and care for our environment. That is why we present a number of useful recommendations you can implement in your home.

Use energy-efficient appliances

This not only helps protect the environment but the pockets of citizens. If we have efficient appliances get to use between 2 Y 10 times less energy and get the same result. Similarly, turn off the lights, disconnect electrical appliances while they are not using and replace bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, are key activities to reduce excessive consumption and save energy.

Use solar panels

Also called solar panels, comply with the functionality to convert energy that provides the sun into electricity. Renewable energy and clean energy make use of energy that provides the sun and these sources vary according to their benefits, costs and the development stage of technology. The Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, FICIDET, currently through its program BRICKARP, implement solar panels on sustainable architectural projects to optimize natural resources that mitigate the environmental impact of buildings and buildings in the city.

Drying clothes outdoors

Make this activity helps keep more clothes and helps to protect the environment. Do not use dryers is essential to save energy, and you save between 3 Y 4 kilowatt / hour per charge or 2.5 kg. Carbon dioxide. You also avoid the clothes desgate from heat faster they undergo in the dryers and dry clothes outdoors it makes UV disinfect your clothes, in this way, have cleaner and stain-free clothes.


More vegetable Aliméntate

Increase the use of vegetables in our diet it is key to reducing meat consumption. Having a meat-based diet generates deforestation and processing, storage and transportation requires a lot of energy. It is estimated that the 18% emissions of greenhouse gases are associated with meat consumption, which makes it an unsustainable activity.

Saving water

Close the faucet while you are brushing and soaping, control water leaks in your home and use the dishwasher and washing machines when fully filled, helps greatly to protect our planet. Saving water in various ways is an excellent strategy to reduce our ecological footprint, since these small habits can help reduce water consumption in a 60% or more.


Replaces traditional products biodegradable and non-toxic

Clearly, we all like to be in a clean and free of bacteria, but many of the products we use to have a healthy environment contain harmful chemicals to human health and pollute heavily water supplies, fishing and wildlife. Use biodegradable and non-toxic products produce the same cleaning effect and help to preserve the environment.

These were some small habits that you can implement in your home to conserve our habitat and, thus, We improve our domestic economy by saving energy. Implement green activities in our daily lives and educate the kids to protect our planet, are some of the challenges facing society today if we want planet for a while.


General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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