Cali's fair, It is an event that is enjoyed the last week of the year, which summons the whole population vallecaucana enjoy music, the dance, The comparsas, sports cars and speed. In every corner of the city could see reflected their identity, their culture and idiosyncrasy, which he contributed to its development and its economy. This event is one of the most anticipated and important taking place in the city since year after year, dazzles us with its spectacular dances, gastronomy, artistic and cultural presentations.

If you, You were one of those who enjoyed hanging out with family or friends to this great celebration because you felt identified as good caleño, we congratulate, there is nothing better to contribute to the economy of the city, through these mechanisms entertainment where everyone could participate. that if, we hope that you were also those who expressed love to his city, They are who threw trash in places and we reciprocated Botan not anywhere waiting for someone else to pick it up, because the Cali Fair dazzles with its magic, sauce and joy, but when the lights go out You know how we deliver the city?

Cali, It is the third largest city in Colombia and the second city that generates more garbage; according to the Superintendency of Public Utilities, at 2017 waste produced by caleños, reached the 648.193 tons, representing 6,5% of the total produced annually in the country, which rubs 9,9 millions of tons.

The issue of waste is more complex in the capital cities, because this factor is directly related to the size of the population, that every day grows more and more, and now we are facing the great migration of people from the neighboring country. If this is the report last year, because they have not updated the figures, What we will show the updated report? Do you think that as citizens we have improved in this topic?.

For showed a small picture of how're on the subject of waste, Let us tell you that only on the first day of the Feria de Cali, which begins with its unique Salsódromo, a show marked the rate of approximately 1.200 dancers, floats and singers, They were collected 75 tons of trash; I seem reasonable that this amount of garbage people leave, that just took to the streets to enjoy this time to show their love and appreciation for Cali.

Waste production of a person in the events may be on average 0,083 kg, equivalent of a small trash bag. So we recommend for an upcoming Fair, festive, concert, event or when you go out to the street, take to save your garbage and deposites in the appropriate places, If you see paper in the street, pick them up, If you see someone littering, Do not follow in his footsteps, We take care of our city, let's take care of our home; If we do not care Who will do it for us?. Remember that we are not invited, we are the hosts.

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