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Plastic houses, a draft FICIDET

Talking about sustainability is an issue that is still completely unknown in some organizations, Nevertheless, since 1987 UN defined sustainable development as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".


In this sense, sustainability is understood as the balance between three dimensions: environmental, economic and social. That is to say, organizations and society in general must develop sustainable projects that seek to reduce the negative impact on the environment, promoting social development and improving the quality of life of people, without neglecting the economic factor and its sustainability over time, without compromising the enjoyment of future generations.

Such is the case of FICIDET, Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, in compliance with the corporate purpose entrusted by the Cooperative and Retired Public Servants of Colombia "COOPSERP COLOMBIA", currently they are leading the project BRICKARP, which it is to develop plastic houses architectural type based on solid waste recycling plastic.


This research takes more than eight years has conducted 10 prototype house, based on a constructive system that integrates light elements, Modular resistant, which allow quick installations, safe and inexpensive. These houses are characterized by plastic thermo acoustic, earthquake resistant and have more than 500 years degradation. The blocks made from recycled plastic are thermoplastic polyolefins containing high stiffness, high crystallinity, high melting point and excellent chemical resistance. They are light, modular and thanks to its patented design coupled with ease.

FICIDET develop sustainable initiatives inspired by the positive impact achieved in society and the environment. These houses do not require skilled labor for construction, since the assembly resembles a game of "Armo-All" or Lego, do not use cement, housing is earthquake resistant and thermal, that is to say, It is adjusted to temperatures: It does not produce heat, nor excessive cold.


This sustainable project is a clear example of the benefits of recycling solid waste plastic, because it not only makes use of this material to answer a basic need to improve the quality of life of people, but also it reduces "the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste and pollutants over the life cycle, so that the needs of future generations are not put at risk " (Sustainability of plastics). The practice of recycling helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment, since "it is estimated that emissions produce a new product from recycled materials, is a 20% less than if they come from new materials ", as reported by the website inforeciclaje.


General Manager Coopserp – Jesus Cruz Bolanos Hermes

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