We often hear words and phrases like: global warming, ozone layer, atmosphere, greenhouse and thawing, But do we really know is, and what is it about?

So we want to make things change and you are part of this process, concerned about what we see daily with the environment and waste management, we invite you to be part of the Sustainable Community FICIDET; an initiative supported by the foundation FICIDET (Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development), many know for his work on recycled materials research focused on home construction and plastic and paper with their projects BRICKARP and BLOCKARP.


What we want to achieve with this, It is to reach many people with proposals and recommendations on ecology, sustainability, environment and recycling to develop habits that help the care of our planet for present and future.

Proposals and recommendations will be helpful for others to be part of this community and contribute to the environmental education of our planet.


Hermes Bolaños Jesus Cruz

General Manager

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