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There are many ways to have successful business models, but something is making some more attractive and powerful, not only for being innovative or have aggressive marketing campaigns, the truth behind the success of these companies is how they are working hand in hand with sustainability, contributing to society and helping the planet through a concept called green market life cycle approaches.

These companies offer goods and services for social purposes and ecological, always promoting the welfare of the community, partners and consumers. This is achieved by the changing patterns of thought and stems from a change in consciousness and behavior in all persons involved with companies.

When a business model promotes competitiveness broad sustainability, It focuses on specialized niches and attracts investment funds and financial. In a nutshell it becomes more attractive due to the implementation of responsible practices respecting natural resources.

If your company or the company where you work is a sustainable model and you are part of a sustainable community and if you are not yet a party we invite you to adopt these practices to make our society and world a better place.

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Can you make money with sustainable practices?

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Can you make money with sustainable sustainable practices?

To answer this we must understand that sustainability is a set of objectives called by the United Nations: (ODS, Sustainable Development Goals), This table defines actions that determine group an overview of world we want.

"The ODS are inclusive agenda. Address the root causes of poverty and unite us to achieve a positive change for the benefit of people and the planet ".

Having stated the following, in Colombia and Latin America we see several successful examples of companies with implementations and sustainable actions, which they have become replicable models and awarded internationally and obviously leaving significant profits to its creators.

Here are some of those examples:


Implement a business model human management, social responsibility to its employees and friendly actions to the environment from the inclusion of farmers, farmers, recovery of natural areas and reforestation. Creativity and desire to innovate have been key to keeping what today is Crepes & Waffles, without losing its original identity.

Currently Crepes & Waffles es una empresa que se ha destacado por su posicionamiento y competitividad tanto en Colombia como en el exterior, while has been commissioned to provide a personal and professional development to employees with programs and courses inspired by his philosophy of making art.


It is a company that transforms the recycled plastic and agro-industrial wastes in sustainable profiles to produce architectural finishes and furnishings, also they can be used in different applications, ideal for outdoor.


What is Green Glass?
Green Glass is to demonstrate that the glass is not garbage, It is to recognize the work of grassroots recyclers, It is to make people stop buying recycle and harmful things to the world. It's making the world every glass bottle is!

What was the problem that visualized, that impelled to create this project?
Are produced 5 million glass bottles a day. And hopefully it recycles 10%. The industry pays very little for the price of a kilo of glass, so nobody Board, or recyclers base.

How is your business model?
Stock up glass bottles that were saved from the garbage recyclers base. To transform them into the best glasses in the world, we bring to our workshop where we work under the principles of company B and Fair Trade, then sell Worldwide! We have exported to 10 countries, and we are present in local, hotels and restaurants more “cool” Santiago de Chile.

These three companies are a clear example of sustainable development practices can help improve the planet, managing to be recognized worldwide and being very profitable financially.

Please write to leave comments and be part of the sustainable community FICIDET.

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Before starting with today's topic, we must remember how important our planet and the impact on the following three words reduce, reuse and recycle.

Now to get down, we know that recycling is a commitment to our planet, It is also a process by which we can help reduce pollution and accumulation of garbage, But do we really know is? And what does all its symbolism?.

What is recycling?

Textually recycling is to turn waste into new products and reduce consumption of new raw materials affecting the ecosystem. While this is true we must go beyond, recycling is: Opportunity to change our habits, It is the responsibility of your environment and ecosystem, is life because caring nature, It is time that lengthens the life of the planet and future because it gives opportunity to new generations.

Recycling Symbols

The origin of these symbols comes from recycling 1970, when the first one was created with a triangle (based on the symbol Möbius). This international symbol contains 3 arrow, they mean 3 steps of the recycling process: collection, very process of recycling and buying these products and recycled.
The call Möbius Loop, It has two versions. Which it includes the percentage symbol, It refers to the percentage of recycled material containing the residue. If the figure is the Mobious is within a circle, It means that part of the product or packaging materials were recycled.

Another of the most international symbols, is the Green point, created in 1991 in Germany and was also adopted by other EU countries. In 1994, Member States decided to make it the mark for the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Tidyman It is the symbol that motivates the user to be responsible, and to deposit the waste in the right place for it.

Waste paper can come with its own symbol, but also with the triangle Möbius Loop. Recycle waste paper is essential if we want to protect the environment and prevent deforestation, by recycling and buying recycled paper products, contribute to this.

With this symbol, it is explained to the consumer is important to deposit the glass container in the container indicated so that it can be recycled. The glass has an unlimited recycled, and if it is not recycled can remain 4000 years without disappearing, although its components are natural materials which is less polluting than the waste plastics.

The symbols found in plastic containers, They are numbered 1 al 7. He 1, is the most common and easily recyclable, but be careful when found in water bottles, as it emits toxic if it is filled several times, something little known by the consumer. further, recycling is limited.

The numbers 1, 3 (the famous PVC), 6 Y 7 They can be also toxic. He 7, the rest is plastics uncatalogued, as DVD's, Sunglasses, PC´s, etc. It is worth knowing that, for example, he 3 and the 7 They are forbidden to make baby bottles and other baby products.
He 2, 4 Y 5 They are the safest plastics.

electronic waste

For recycling electronic waste such as batteries, batteries ... and separate collection of batteries, You have to follow the sign indicating that they are recyclable and place them in clean points or collection areas indicate.


Their containers are red and here products are deposited as aerosol sprays, insecticides, used accepted ... those considered waste of certain dangerous.


Acts in the present thinking ahead.

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